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Under What Conditions Will Pakistan Not Default (7/25/22)

Biden's Optimal Strategy Against Putin (12/23/21)

It is Not Too Late to Save Ukraine (12/22/21)

A Liberal Strategy Post-Virginia (11/2/21)

A Better Strategy on US-China Trade (9/23/21)

What Went Wrong in Afghanistan (8/23/21)

Biden's Legislative Strategy Misreads the Increasing Polarization (6/25/21)

The Race to be France's President is Wide Open (6/20/21)

A Reply to Joe Tsai on Hong Kong (6/15/21)

Janet Yellen Misunderstands Inflation (6/6/21)

Biden's Spending Plan Will Trigger Inflation (5/27/21)

Xi Jinping is Making a Mistake by Sidelining Chinese Tech CEOs (5/22/21)

The Mindset of the Iranian Regime (1/9/20)

A One-Month Test for the California Legislature (1/7/20)

Iran, Trump, and Executive Power (1/3/20)

The Coming Revolution in Whitehall (1/3/20)

The Illegitimacy of Blocking Internet Access (12/27/19)

The Need for an Infrastructure Strategy (12/25/19)

Workers' Rights after Brexit (12/24/19)

A Strategy to Retain Scotland (12/23/19)

Convergence on Student Debt (12/22/19)

Impeachment and the Distinction between Law and Politics (12/19/19)

The “Phase One” Deal is a Sham (12/16/19)

Boris' Gamble Paid Off (12/12/19)

Liberal Bias in Full Flight at Bloomberg News (11/26/19)

A Raw Move in Kashmir (8/8/19)

An Endless Trade War (8/1/19)

Boris Johnson's High-Risk Maneuver (7/30/19)

Against a Snap Election (6/20/19)

Priorities in a US-China Trade War (6/15/19)

A Proposal for Public Transportation in the Bay (6/12/19)


A Hard Loss to Liverpool Should Adjust Arsenal's Expectations (11/20/21)

A Season-Changing Win for Mikel Arteta (9/26/21)

A Significant Win for Arteta (9/19/21)

What Went Wrong for Djokovic at the US Open (9/12/21)

Damian Lillard Should Leave Portland (6/4/21)

Thomas Tuchel is a Top Tier Strategist (5/29/21)

A Harsh End for Zidane's Second Stint at Real Madrid (5/26/21)

Arsenal's New Manager (11/30/19)

Emery Out (11/23/19)


Mid-Career Thoughts on the Search for Meaning (10/22/21)


The Path Forward for WeWork (9/9/19)

Let Facebook's New Currency Come to Market (6/23/19)


The Upcoming Chaos in Digital Taxation (1/10/20)

The Erosion of Public Finances under Trump (12/30/19)

An Emergency Intervention by the Fed (9/18/19)


The Mysterious Escape of Carlos Ghosn (1/1/20)

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