I had a long journey to Silicon Valley.

I started my career at First Manhattan Consulting Group (link). Next, I served as an advisor to US Senator Al Franken. I wrote speeches, crafted legislation, and organized hearings focused on technology policy. I worked at Jones Day (link). I then worked as a human rights activist in Pakistan. I led a team of Yale Law students and partnered with Justice Project Pakistan (link) to document human rights violations in Pakistani prisons. We convinced future Prime Minister Imran Khan to speak about our findings in front of thousands of people. On the side, I hacked together a website to share information on government spending. I modeled this on a website that Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's team developed in Brazil (link). This project evolved into a startup. I created a company to send remittances from the United States to Pakistan using Bitcoin. I started this company in 2014 when Bitcoin was very new. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to get the company off the ground. As I was building my company, I noticed an adjacent startup called Plaid (link). I joined as the 12th employee, reported to the CEO, and worked on many projects. I helped the company find product-market fit and develop a business model. Plaid is now worth $13+ billion. I left on good terms to start a healthcare payments company called Mend. I now work at Area 1 (link). See more on LinkedIn (link).