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The Race to be France's President is Wide Open


French President Emmanuel Macron

San Francisco / June 20, 2021

In regional and department elections in France on Sunday, the political parties of Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen both underperformed (link). An estimated 68% of voters abstained, which is high by French standards.

Various center-right parties did well, including Les Républicains. This result suggests that French voters are not excited by the prospect of Macron or Le Pen winning the upcoming national elections in 10 months time. Most forecasters predict that Macron and Le Pen will go into a runoff. I think there is space for a new candidate to qualify for a runoff.

Macron's government is not responding to the needs of mainstream France. And mainstream France is not excited about installing Marine Le Pen as the President. Anyone can become the next French President in 2022.

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